Allumiere is a municipality in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital located at approximately 500 meters above sea level on the Tolfa mountains. The name of the town derives from the presence in the area of numerous alunite deposits from which alum was extracted, a salt used in the past in the textile and paper industry. Its origins are very ancient, in fact the first evidence of human settlements dates back to prehistoric times and then continued in the Etruscan, Roman and medieval times, up to the present day. The area is today a major tourist attraction thanks to its naturalistic and archaeological itineraries.

One of the most interesting excursions is to the Ancient Trajan Innocent Aqueduct which brought water from the hills behind Allumiere to the city centre, but there is no shortage of churches, sanctuaries and monuments which embellish the village and its surroundings. The Palio delle Contrade is very famous, in addition to which there are numerous occasions for aggregation such as festivals and celebrations.