Anzio is an Italian municipality and seaside resort in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital. The ancient city of Anzio was the capital of the Volscian population for a long period, until it was absorbed into the Roman state in the 4th century BC, transforming itself into an important port and residential centre. In Anzio, Nero built his grandiose imperial villa which extended for 800 meters along the coastal strip up to Capo d’Anzio.

This seaside town, therefore, is suitable both for pleasant walks, thanks to its splendid seafront and its ancient port, and for spending several days dedicated to history, culture and good food. From an archaeological point of view, in addition to the villa, Anzio also hosts the Roman Theater from the 2nd century AD, the precious military defense of the Vallo Latino-Volsco Park and the Necropolis of Cavallo Morto, a very important burial ground of the Recent Bronze Age. Furthermore, in its municipal territory there is the regional nature reserve of Tor Caldara.