Canale Monterano

Canale Monterano is a municipality in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital; it is the new village of Monterano, today a ghost town. Monterano, inhabited since the Bronze Age, experienced two moments of great historical importance, in the Etruscan era and in the early Middle Ages. At the end of the eighteenth century, due to malaria and clashes between the Pope’s supporters and the protectors of the Republic, it was abandoned and its inhabitants moved to Canale Monterano.

Canale Monterano is located on the western slopes of the volcanic group of the Sabatini Mountains, in the center of which is Lake Bracciano, and hosts, in its territory, the splendid Natural Reserve of the same name. The first settlements in Canale Monterano arose around the sixteenth century, when some farmers from Umbria and Tuscany emigrated from their places of origin to create a new inhabited area. The historic centre, with a typically medieval feel, has no significant monuments.