Comprehensive school named CORRADO MELONE of LADISPOLI

The Institute is particularly sensitive to the issues of solidarity, education in legality, environmental protection and safeguarding, and annually implements educational initiatives to raise awareness on these issues. The Melone has chosen the value of peace as an essential educational objective, founding the consciences of the students. It is therefore against any form of discrimination, be it social, cultural, economic, religious, gender, national or any other type. For this purpose, the School adheres to all the initiatives organized, even by external bodies, with educational objectives of peace and cultural growth.

We also welcome many girls and boys whose parents come from different countries and continents. Stimulating curiosity, offering food for thought, bringing children and young people closer to knowledge and culture, directing them towards future choices, arousing interests and discovering attitudes, always putting students at the center of the educational path, are the aims of all the numerous opportunities teaching of the “Corrado Melone” and, among these, therefore, also of the Project “Corrado Melone meets…”.

Thanks to this cultural initiative, which has been active in our school for many years, our students have met, listened to and interviewed personalities from the world of music, literature, science, history, theatre, art, journalism, of politics, of sport, exponents of the institutions, of the forces of order, representatives of various religions, voluntary associations, which deal with solidarity, safety and prevention.

The scholastic project follows in the footsteps of Don Lorenzo Milani who invited his intellectual friends or entrepreneurs to his rectory in Barbiana, comparing them with his boys to make them grow with curiosity, interest, the desire to participate and the critical spirit.

The headmaster is Professor Riccardo Agresti, “a child among children”.