Farnese is a municipality in the province of Viterbo; the town is typically medieval and stands on a tufaceous cliff to the west of Lake Bolsena. In its territory, the Selva del Lamone Regional Nature Reserve is located, a protected natural area. Its territory has been inhabited since the Bronze Age (12th-10th century BC), of which ceramic finds and traces of an extensive village of huts have been found. After the Roman conquest of Vulci, in 280 BC, the territory of Farnese also passed to Rome. Then, in medieval times, the Lombards settled on the remains of the Roman farms and villas. The center of Farnese is full of buildings and remains from the medieval era, including the famous “throw wells”, large cylindrical wells dug directly into the tuff. The Fortress is the prominent element of the village, with its interior characterized by ramps, corridors, stairs and courtyards, while the Church of the Santissimo Salvatore is the main place of worship in the town.