I Rasenna

I Rasenna Association of historical re-enactment of the Etruscan period, we try to live and revive the Etruscan period in the most philological way possible

The association was established on 04/10/2011 in Cerveteri, after the meeting first on various social networks and then in person of various people united by their passion for the Etruscan people.

From the first meeting it seemed like we had been lifelong friends, with common ideas and feelings.

The association operates in the field of historical re-enactment.

We immediately began to put ideas and programs into practice, which over the years have led us to collaborate with various museums, institutional bodies, other associations and research bodies such as national and international universities, as well as cultural and research centres.

Ours is a continuous search to better understand this fantastic people and to try to experience it, bring it back to life and make it known to as many people as possible.

All artifacts, clothing, weapons and musical instruments are made by us, sometimes collaborating with top-level craftsmen.

Being a cultural-archaeological association, we deal with cultural, recreational, educational and historical initiatives and events.

Our initiatives are always carried out with the continuous study of historical sources, with continuous experimentation to try to recall in the most philological way possible.