Itri is a municipality in the province of Latina, inserted in a characteristic valley between the western slopes of the Aurunci mountains, and is located along the route of the Appian Way. The town has prehistoric origins, with Neolithic and Bronze Age remains. It was subsequently conquered by the Romans. It is a picturesque village of ancient origins which contains centuries of history and is known as the Land of the Brigands and of Frà Diavolo; in fact, there is the Brigandage Museum. Its name is probably linked to the Latin word iter, journey, like those undertaken along the Appian Way by Roman couriers. Along the Via Appia Antica, between Itri and Fondi, there is the Fortino di Sant’Andrea, which had a fundamental importance during the Bourbon reign, as it was positioned along the border with the Papal State. The Castle is the architectural and iconographic symbol of the Medieval period interwoven with various events. Religious tourism is also developed, thanks to its churches and the sanctuary located on the top of the mountain. There is no shortage of nature, sports and seaside tourism. It can be said that Itri is an open-air museum.