Ladispoli is a municipality in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital, with access to the sea between the municipalities of Cerveteri and Fiumicino. It is hypothesized that Ladispoli was inhabited by the mythical Pelasgians, but it was certainly one of the territories dominated by Caere, one of the most powerful Etruscan cities. With the arrival of the Romans, the city had a period of maximum splendor, which however ended with the end of Roman domination: following this there were five hundred years of decline, in which the territory became marshy again. In the Middle Ages, however, there was a new construction. Ladispoli features some religious, civil and military architecture, as well as archaeological sites, including the Roman villa in Marina di San Nicola. It dates back to the Augustan period (1st century BC-1st century AD) and seems to have belonged to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, in fact the ruins are also called Pompey’s villa. There are also two Etruscan necropolises, that of Monteroni and that of Vaccina.