Oriolo Romano

Oriolo Romano is a municipality in the province of Viterbo whose territory extends over the Sabatini Mountains, a hilly area rich in woods and is part of the regional natural park of Bracciano-Martignano. The village, very characteristic, has been planned at an urban level in a scientific way since its foundation. Furthermore, rising on the Clodia consular road, the town was a transit and strategic place for the Etruscan and Roman civilisations. In 1560, when the Orsini ceded the fiefdom to the Santacroce family, Giorgio founded the first settlement, a sort of ideal city, designed with a rational and precise master plan. Palazzo Altieri, a sixteenth-century noble fortress, dominates the historic center: the Palace is today the Museum Center of Lazio. Furthermore, the Fontana della Picche and the Mola dei Biscione, an ancient mill built at the behest of Giorgio Santacroce, are worth a visit. The natural areas surrounding the village are splendid.