Terracina is a municipality in the province of Latina located in the Agro Pontino, south of the Circeo promontory. The urban structure develops on two levels: the lower part dates back to the Roman era, the upper part, where the necropolis was established, has much more ancient evidence. Corso Anita Garibaldi is the most important street in the village of Terracina, with Renaissance houses and eighteenth-century buildings. It is worth visiting the Church of Purgatory in Spanish-Baroque style. The life of the village, today as in the past, develops in the Foro Emiliano. Just before entering the ancient forum, you pass by the Capitolium of Terracina, what remains of the temple dedicated to the Capitoline triad Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. In Terracina there are also the remains of the Roman theatre, the temple of Jupiter, the Frangipane castle (10th-15th century) and numerous churches.