Viterbo is the capital of the province of the same name in northern Lazio, also known as Tuscia Viterbo. In its territory there are traces of Neolithic and Eneolithic settlements, relating to the Rinaldone culture, a cultural phenomenon of a mainly funerary nature which spread in Tuscany, in central-northern Lazio, in the Marche and in Umbria around the mid-4th century and for much of the 3rd millennium BC. This culture takes its name from the locality of Rinaldone near Montefiascone, in the province of Viterbo. Viterbo is the city with the largest medieval neighborhood in Europe: the San Pellegrino neighborhood. It is in fact full of towers, historic buildings, churches and narrow streets. In Piazza San Pellegrino you can admire the Palazzo degli Alessandri, of a unique architectural style. Between 1255 and 1266 the Palace of the Popes was built to host the Roman pontiffs in the periods in which Rome was considered too dangerous: Viterbo was in fact called “little Rome” or “the City of the Popes”, as it was close, rich and safe being Guelph.