The DMO Borghi Etruschi is made up of a group of professionals with many years of experience in the hospitality sector, tour operators, tourist and environmental guides, communications experts, publishers, archaeologists, artists, farms, musicians and event organizers.

This mixed association of the Third Sector has legal personality.

The DMO was born in January 2023 thanks to the assignment of a contribution from the Lazio Region of €200,000. Its objectives are to enhance and promote the territory and integrally manage the project activities through the collaboration of operators in the local tourism supply chains.

The DMO works as a single entity in the territory in order to facilitate relationships with public and private actors and entrepreneurial activities. It is important for us to enhance the heritage of cultural heritage, at the same time improving the level of hospitality through targeted training of operators and young students, in order to create a “culture for tourism”, new employment, development of the local economy.

The DMO operates mainly by recognizing the Etruscan civilization as the cornerstone of tourism promotion, placing itself in the territories of the Lazio coast, Tuscia and Maremma Laziale.

The tours and suggestive experiences we propose range from re-enactment, to trekking, to wine tourism, to oil tourism , to sports and wellness tourism.

The charm of the Etruscan rites, the magnificent historical finds, make this historical civilization the starting point for understanding our roots, which, together with Roman history, make our country worthy of being among the most interesting tourist destinations in the world.

The experiences we propose will be purchasable as a normal tourist package, and will combine the Etruscan archaeological sites with farmhouses, B&Bs , hotels, restaurants, taverns and the unique environmental landscape, generated by the natural and regional parks where you can practice sports most popular or simply relax, or on personalized requests.