Bagnaia is the most beautiful hamlet of Viterbo, located on the stretch of the Via Francigena that passes through the Cimini mountains. During the Middle Ages the residential nucleus developed within the walls in the so-called “Bagnaia diinterno”, but in the Renaissance a master plan was carried out which would develop the so-called “Bagnaia di futuro” and Piazza XX Settembre.

Bagnaia is famous for the mannerist garden of Villa Lante, whose work began in 1511 and ended around 1566. Villa Lante is an essential destination for those visiting the area and has always been highly appreciated by bishops and cardinals since the past , who spent the summer season there; in 2011 it was also voted “Most beautiful park in Italy”. The territory of Bagnaia is certainly one of the jewels of Tuscia.