Blera is a municipality in the province of Viterbo and is located on a small hill. Blera is set in a wild Etruscan land, one of the least populated areas of the province of Viterbo, and offers many things to see and do, starting with the ancient village. There are no works of great architectural interest, but houses of peasant origins with narrow streets, small squares, palaces and the famous profferli (the ancient external stairs), buildings made of red tuff, typical of these areas.

Blera was conquered by the Romans, then the Barbarians arrived and subsequently the Lombards. Worth seeing is the Church of S. Maria, which preserves a precious crypt with cross vaults covered with valuable stuccoes and capitals. Inside, in the altar, there is a valuable Roman sarcophagus from the 3rd century. with hunting scenes representing the love of Venus and Adonis. In Blera there is also the Necropolis of Pian del Vescovo (8th-6th century BC), extended on a tuff hill totally perforated with tombs, and the Necropolis of Casetta and Terrone (9th-8th century), located in a wild environment .