Conference for the development of the territory “organized tourism this unknown”

The Conference for Territorial Development, entitled “organized tourism this unknown”, which will be held on Saturday 21 October 2023 at 11:00 at the Relais Villa Clodia in Manziana, Rome.
The objective of the Conference is to analyze the current situation of the tourism sector in the Region, highlighting the critical issues and opportunities deriving from greater coordination between the subjects involved.
This is the proposal we want to launch to the Region, showing the need for a single and shared project that enhances the potential of the territory.
A participatory project that sees the leaders of the Regional Government as protagonists, who will be present, together with local administrators and with the active participation of tourism entrepreneurs, guides, artisans and cultural workers.
The DMO can be the privileged interlocutor for this purpose, as it carries out a function of institutional representation, cultural promotion, professional training and non-profit management of tourist flows and is a Third Sector body.
The event we are organizing wants to highlight all these aspects and involve all interested actors in a change that starts with hospitality and ends with innovation.
The media were present.
Please respond to our invitation by confirming your presence and that of other people interested in participating.
We are waiting for you at 10.45am for registration.

Best regards

The President of the DMO and Destination Manager
Francesca Toto

Tel 3662519951