Federico De Antoni e Sara Ferrandino, Associazione Musicopaideia

MUSICOPAIDEIA is a cultural association – Federico De Antoni President, Sara Ferrandino Artistic Director – established in 2014 with the aim of enhancing and spreading musical culture with initiatives that range across all artistic and performing fields.

It has organized music and theater festivals (“Note tra i Calanchi” in Bagnoregio, “Green Art Festival” Estate Romana 2022, “1922-2022: Torre Maura turns 100”, season 2022 at the Floridi Doria Pamphilj residences etc.) and from May 2021 manages the cultural center at La Stanza della Musica in Via dei Greci 36/43 where more than 200 events have been held since its opening.

It currently boasts 350 members including young musicians graduated from national and foreign conservatories, established concert players, teachers, representatives of the artistic and entertainment world and thanks to its reliability and competence it has established partnerships with bodies, associations and music and theater schools active on national soil .