Formia is a municipality in the province of Latina, whose territory is located between the last southern offshoots of the Aurunci mountains of the Lazio Anti-Apennines and the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta. Towards the south-east, however, the territory becomes flatter, opening up towards the Minturno plain. The city was already populated by pre-Italic populations and was conquered by the Romans between the 5th and 4th centuries BC. There are numerous religious and civil architectures, archaeological areas and natural areas. In Formia there is the mausoleum from the Augustan era, called the Tomb of Cicero, who owned a villa nearby. Also worth seeing is the imposing Cisternone, a grandiose underground hydraulic work from the 1st century BC. divided longitudinally by rows of pillars into four naves, covered by cross vaults. Furthermore, in Formia we find the remains of an amphitheatre, bridges and aqueducts from the Roman era.