Gaeta is a municipality in the province of Latina located in the gulf of the same name on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In Roman times, it was a renowned holiday resort for emperors, wealthy patricians, consuls and senators. The town preserves a historical and architectural heritage of some importance, and there are numerous public and religious buildings. The Gaeta Castle is made up of two buildings communicating with each other: the oldest part, dating back to 1279, is the Angevin Castle, while the upper part is the Aragonese one, from the 15th century. Along the port of Gaeta you can see the 10th century Church of S. Giovanni a Mare: once, the boat was the only way to reach it. The late-medieval Cathedral of Gaeta is also fascinating. As regards the archaeological sites, there are some mausoleums and the monumental Villa of Lucio Marcio Filippo. In the Gaeta area there is also the Monte Orlando urban regional park, a protected natural area. In one of its crevices there is an enormous natural cave with a very high vault, the Grotta del Turco. Furthermore, in the western part of the mountain there is the Sanctuary of the Santissima Trinità alla Montagna Spaccata, built in the 11th century.