Tolfa is a municipality in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital and is the agricultural center of the Tolfa Mountains. Tolfa was inhabited as early as the time of the Etruscans, of whom rich necropolises remain. The Necropolis of Pian della Conserva is the largest in the Tolfa Mountains: around ninety Etruscan tombs have been found here, dating back to the Bronze Age and the Proto-Villanovian culture of the 11th century BC, and around ten Roman burials. 40 tombs have been identified in the Etruscan necropolis of the Ferrone Reserve (mid-7th century BC – early 5th century BC): the most common type is that with underground burials with one or two chambers with beds and side platforms. The historic center of Tolfa is characterized by narrow streets and squares, with suggestive views. The remains of Rocca Frangipane, a medieval fortress from the 9th century AD, dominate the village from above: it is undoubtedly the place that most characterizes the town. Also important is the Cultural Center, which includes the Civic Archaeological Museum of Tolfa, the municipal library and the “Giuseppe Cola” municipal historical archive.